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Scientific administration theory was proposed by Frederick Winslow Taylor within the first decade of the 20th century, is the primary coherent theory of administration. Business administration and enterprise management have clear similarities, however the ways in which these two diploma paths differ are simply as notable. If a person is trying to find the broader of the two academic paths, business management might fit that invoice. As noted by the Houston Chronicle, the main target of a enterprise management program is usually on the bigger economic image. Students in enterprise administration programs aim to have a broad understanding of recent enterprise trends however could not essentially consider the specifics of any market. Salah satu fungsi yang paling penting dari tata kelola adalah menyediakan kontrol yang mencegah perilaku ceroboh dalam suatu bagian organisasi dan orang-orangnya. Organisasi dengan tata kelola IT yang baik mendapatkan manfaat seperti peningkatan nilai aset bisnis yang terkait TI. Organisasi yang memiliki tata kelola yang kuat menerima pengembalian modal 20{9fdcce03dc006ba6aefbae291db7d19e2674997f46d46055bf64c42b760b042b} lebih tinggi pada aset-asetnya. (Pettey and Meulen, 2011).

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