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Twitter can be a great way to reach customers and expand your audience. But unless you strategize and pay attention to metrics, you risk being drowned out by other users. — Getty Images/filadendron

If you’re looking for a social media platform that will help grow your business, Twitter is an excellent place to start. But with roughly 6,000 tweets sent out every second, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. To ensure that doesn’t happen, you’ll want to stay on top of the following analytics.

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On Twitter, a new impression is counted every time your tweets pop up on a user’s timeline. So if 100 people saw your tweet in their Twitter feed, then you made 100 impressions. And these impressions are not limited to your current followers.

Impressions don’t track whether someone interacted with your tweet in any way, so it’s not a reliable indicator of engagement. But it’s helpful to see whether the total number of people viewing your content is increasing or decreasing.

Activity dashboard

It can be helpful to see how your tweets have performed over the last month. When you click on the analytics dashboard, you’ll choose the Tweets tab at the top.

From there, you’ll see a 28-day breakdown of how your tweets have performed by reviewing your impressions, engagements and engagement rate per day. And you can compare these metrics to previous months to see whether your engagement has increased or dropped.


Engagement tracks how many times someone has interacted with one of your tweets. Twitter tracks engagement by how many times a user clicks on, likes, shares or comments on one of your tweets.

Monitoring your engagement can help you identify what topics and types of content your audience enjoys. You can see an overview of your engagement on your analytics dashboard.

If you want to break it down even further, just click on a specific tweet. From there, you’ll see how many likes, link clicks, retweets and media engagements that tweet received.

Monitoring your best-performing content will help you figure out what resonates with your audience so you can create similar content in the future.


If you want to use Twitter to build your business, then you need to make sure you’re reaching the right audience. Your analytics dashboard will give you a breakdown of your followers’ demographics, behaviors and interests.

You can see your followers’ average age range, where they live and whether they are primarily male or female, as well as their top interests and their income category.

You can also use your Twitter analytics to track your follower growth over time. It can be helpful to see how many followers you are gaining or losing during a given month. If you notice a sudden dip in your followers, this may signal that it’s time to adjust your strategy.


Using hashtags is a vital part of any social media marketing strategy. Hashtags help new users find your Twitter account and ensure that your content shows up in front of the right audience. But how do you know if the hashtags you’re using are effective?

If you use a social media management tool like Sprout Social, you can track your hashtag performance and see which ones perform the best. By learning which hashtags are useful and which aren’t, you can make better decisions about your content strategy going forward.

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Top tweet

Every month, Twitter will show you your top-performing tweet, the tweet that brought in the most impressions throughout the month. It can help to compare your best tweets over the past year and see what they have in common.

Did they all center around a specific topic? Did you use certain hashtags that helped you gain more traction? Monitoring your best-performing content will help you figure out what resonates with your audience so you can create similar content in the future.

Video content performance

It’s no secret that video is an important part of any content marketing strategy. For most consumers, video is their favorite type of content to see on social media and 54{9fdcce03dc006ba6aefbae291db7d19e2674997f46d46055bf64c42b760b042b} of consumers want to see more video content from businesses they follow.

Twitter makes it easy for businesses to monitor their video content performance. You’ll see whether most users are watching your video until completion and how they are engaging with your video content.

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Published January 29, 2021


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