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CEBU’S Covid-19 response and its efforts to sustain the operations of the information know-how-business course of administration (IT-BPM) business has cemented its stronghold as one of the very best outsourcing hubs in the country. It’s the most oldest and simplist type of group. This line organization structure was brought from army organization because it was developed in the army. Below this construction, authority moves from high to bottom and responsibility steps up from backside to high making a circulation of straight line within the organizational relationships. In this type of organization, every superior is independent and takes decisions in his own area of labor and each subordinate is straight responsible to at least one executive. It is vitally simple organization structure. It’s so simple that it can be outlined and understood by all the members of the enterprise.Another advantages of this organizational construction is that the managers take very immediate and quick decision. Similarly, it is inexpensive and comparatively economical form of group from the view point of overhead value as a result of it doesn’t make use of or hire the consultants and specialists.

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