Choosing the Social Channels That Are Right for Your Business

Social media sites are good channels to pursue for customer outreach, but it’s a good idea to look into who uses which channels and how those users may interact with your brand. — Getty Images/fizkes

In our Startup 2021 series, we’re helping aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the new business climate of the COVID-19 era. Each week, we’ll share an in-depth look at one step you can take toward launching your business in 2021.

If you’re interested in utilizing social media in your marketing efforts, it’s important you choose the right channels to promote your small business.

Each channel has its unique strengths for customer engagement. Here’s how to decide which ones are right for your brand.

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Identify (and find) your audience

For any marketing strategy to be successful, you need to know your target audience. Demographics are a start, but figuring out

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