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How to Use Social Media for Public Relations


From writing guest content to leveraging hashtags, there are several ways businesses can use social media as part of their public relations strategy. — Getty Images/grinvalds

Social media and public relations can no longer be considered mutually exclusive; they are now inextricably linked. This shift has made public relations more accessible for small businesses and others who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to pay for PR.

Here are six ways you can utilize social media for public relations:

Use social sharing in press releases

One of the easiest ways to incorporate social media into your PR strategy is by adding social sharing buttons to your press releases. This lets your customers and media outlets share your press releases easily.

However, just adding social sharing buttons isn’t enough. You also want to consider how your press release will look when it shows up on social media networks. A good way to

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Small Business Tools That Make Your Life Easier

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