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Video Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

With a variety of stock images, music choices and easy-to-use templates, these tools shorten the learning curve for businesses looking to get into video marketing. — izusek/Getty

Now more than ever, video marketing is an engaging way to attract consumers to your brand. By creating high-quality, informative videos, you can market your products or services while entertaining your audience. And while video marketing is by no means a new concept, its importance has only grown with the rise of social media.

The marketing stats show that videos work: Social video draws 1,200% more shares than images and text content combined, and Facebook video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.

Whether you’ve been making videos for years or are suddenly finding that you need to create videos to stay in touch with your customers during the coronavirus outbreak, there are plenty of programs available to help you through

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Project Funding

For instance, the Infrastructure Grant is for businesses that create full-time jobs in Arkansas. Banks, nevertheless, can present strains of credit score if the enterprise proprietor personally guarantees them.

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Businesses that buy raw produce, meat, and a number of other different sorts of agricultural merchandise straight from the grower or farmer typically have issue obtaining enterprise credit score as a result of provisions of the PACA legal guidelines, nonetheless, there are a number of lenders throughout the United States that can make loans to PACA affected businesses. Typically, a permutation and combination of the aforesaid parameters becomes tedious in determining the affordability of auto loans with below-average credit. There’s at all times an option of chopping by your monthly payments by getting the time period of the auto mortgage extended. Nonetheless, the rates of pursuits may very well be considerably greater. Most likely, you may even select … Read more