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8 Popular Small Business Survey Tools

Popular small business survey tools like these make it easy to create, send and analyze custom questionnaires that give you valuable insight about your business. — Getty Images/Inside Creative House

There are dozens of good reasons why you might want to host a survey at your small business. Maybe you’re trying to solicit customer feedback on a new store policy. Maybe you’re looking for input from your employees on which health plan is best. Or, maybe you just want to increase engagement on social media. No matter the reason, here are some popular small business survey tools that make it easy to create, send and analyze custom questionnaires.

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SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular online survey tools, with many features and tiered levels, ranging from basic to enterprise. SurveyMonkey’s most affordable option is free, allowing

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These day’s small business owners have access to very highly effective instruments to build business partnerships and manage them efficiently. Business homeowners who are also owners have the choice of tapping into their residence equity to finance their ongoing enterprise operations. small scale afv forum Residence equity loans and contours of credit have many advantages, such as low rates of interest and the possibility of having some portion of it deducted from taxes1. This methodology of financing gained lots of momentum between the years 2000 and 2004 when rates of interest the place at their lowest level in decades and actual estate was appreciating in value. A significant drawback if this financing methodology is that … Read more