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Understanding Social Media Stats and How to Measure Success

Like most social media sites, LinkedIn provides stats for you to better understand your brand’s online following. — Getty Images/PeopleImages

If you have a LinkedIn page for your business, you’re probably hoping to build brand awareness and reach new customers. Tracking these six stats will ensure you’re on track to meeting your goals.

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Total followers

Your total followers will give you insight into your audience and whether or not your page is reaching new people. When you check your analytics dashboard, you can see how your follower count has changed over time.

Of course, a large following doesn’t matter if you’re targeting the wrong audience. You need to understand who’s following you and if you’re targeting the right people. Your LinkedIn analytics will show a breakdown of the average seniority level, job function and company size.

You’ll also

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Small Business And Government Grants For Starting A Enterprise

A view of a affected person being rolled out of a nursing residence in Flushing Queens New York USA throughout the coronavirus pandemic on April 22, 2020.

small business ideas

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