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How to Start a Podcast


Starting a podcast can compliment your marketing plan. These six steps will help get you there. — Getty Images/Pekic

Podcasts for business use have grown in popularity due to their relatively low entry cost and ease of access for both content creators and consumers through a subscription model.

A podcast can exponentially expand the reach of your marketing efforts. Here are six steps to starting a podcast to add to your content marketing arsenal.

Identify your goals

Answer the who, what and why for your podcast. Who is the target audience? What value will your podcast provide them? Why should they listen to your podcast instead of all others in this space? Aim to be an expert in the field that listeners will seek out for advice.

Ensure that the target message isn’t only specific to your product. It should also present your unique view of a more general

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Posters on your storefront window and hand-out flyers in a distinguished location inside your store will assist unfold the word about the vacation to existing prospects and passersby.

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