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How to Manage & Respond to Customer Feedback

To cultivate and grow your business, be intentional about watching and responding to online reviews. — Getty Images/picture

Online reviews matter. They can drive business to your website and your storefront. They can help you build a brand, inform you of your customers’ experiences and educate you on ways to improve your product or service. That’s why getting reviews should not be a passive experience but rather something you intentionally participate in.

To help you embrace customer reviews wisely, here are a few tips:

  • Prioritize Google. Customers looking for reviews of your business are likely to check Google first. More consumers rely on Google for reviews than any other source. Since you likely won’t have time to keep up with every review site, prioritize Google reviews. (Supporting tip: Be sure to claim your Google My Business listing.)
  • Don’t fear negative reviews. Believe it or not, having a negative review or
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