Promoting Your Business With Social Media: A Guide

From choosing the best platforms to engaging with followers, using social media for marketing is very effective for businesses today. — Getty Images/MStudioImages

With the ever-growing variety of social platforms, it can be daunting to even consider keeping up with all of it. But because of the many benefits such as the opportunity to grow your business, it behooves you to actively participate. So, how do you do this in a time- and cost-effective manner?

Here are five ways to promote your business while keeping your sanity:

Choose the best platform(s)

There is a long list of places to promote your business in the social realm. But you likely don’t have the time or money to be everywhere at once. What’s more, each platform has a unique personality that dictates the tone, the audience and the type of content shared. Rather than keeping up with all social media, identify two

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