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How to List Your Podcast on iTunes and Google Play

Hosting a podcast can help you grow your brand, but you need to make sure users on all devices can access it. — Getty Images/Pekic

Podcasts are becoming popular sources of entertainment and education today. As of January 2020, there were 30 million podcast episodes — a number that grows every day — and 50{9fdcce03dc006ba6aefbae291db7d19e2674997f46d46055bf64c42b760b042b} of all U.S. homes are podcast fans.

If you’re interested in growing your brand by hosting a podcast, you’ll want to ensure your podcast is accessible to all mobile users. Here’s how to get your podcast listed on both Google Play (for Android) and iTunes (for iPhone).

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How to get your podcast on Google Play

To reach your listeners who use Android devices, you’ll want to ensure you make your show available on Google Play. To do so, Shortwave instructs:

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