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ACFI Documentation For Precise Funding

Trump has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to dam a subpoena for his accountants’ longstanding tax and monetary filings issued by a Manhattan grand jury acting at Vance’s request.

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Auditor General calls for transparency over the ‘pandemic pound’

The Auditor General for Scotland has called on the Scottish Government to be transparent in its plans for spending to tackle Covid-19.

In a official blog, Stephen Boyle wrote that even before the coronavirus hit, the Scottish Government was facing “some very real financial challenges”.

An obvious priority was the NHS, which continues to absorb much of the Scottish budget – 41% in 2019/20 – even without big changes to service delivery and faster integration of health and social care.

“Other knot-filled folders sat on ministers’ desks,” said Boyle, listing police and local government funding, Brexit and managing the volatility of new tax and social security powers.

“Most of those challenges remain,” he stated. “These issues would have tested any government at any time, now a pandemic – and the increased costs and uncertainties it has brought – must be managed alongside them.

A breakdown of Scottish Government spending announcements
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