Scotland and Ireland commit to forming trade taskforce

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney and Cabinet Secretary for External Affairs Michael Russell have published the Ireland-Scotland Joint Bilateral Review Report.

Following consultations between the two governments, the report sets out a series of joint actions to be taken in the areas of business and the economy; academic and research links; rural communities; as well as government and political relations.

Among the business-focused recommendations, the report stated that later this year the Consulate General of Ireland in Edinburgh and the Scottish Government Office in Dublin will support the formation of a Scotland-Ireland Trade Taskforce.

This will engage with public and private sectors to promote the development of Irish-Scottish trade relations.

The format and remit of the taskforce will be determined following consultations with trade agencies, industry representatives and chambers of commerce.

Also in 2021, working with a wide range of business and local government partners, the Scottish

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